Saturday, April 2, 2011

Islamic system of education

Islamic system of education initiated several centuries ago exists in all parts of the country. It aims at the religious training of the people. The madrasas teach subjects such as Holy Quran, Hadith, Islamic jurisprudence, Arabic, Persian, logic, philosophy, medicine and astronomy. The students are provided free lodging. In the past, the system used to prepare lawyers, judges and medical practitioners. But some of these functions were taken over by the universities.  The system is still strong in the teaching of oriental classics. The main object of the madrasas is to train religious guides of the people. They are known as maulvies, imams and khatibs. They have a lot of duties to perform. Among other things, they lead prayers and give sermons in Masjids. Some of them learn the Holy Quran by heart and one who has completely memorized the Holy Quran is respectfully known as Hafiz. Islamic system was neglected for long even after independence. But now when we are passing through a process of Islamization, the system has regained its importance. Efforts are being made to improve it. It is being harmonized with the modern system of education. Now madrasas have started qazi classes to prepare qazis for the qazi courts in the country. A net-work of Masjid Schools is being established. It will lessen the burden of primary and high schools.
          Efforts are also being made for the improvement of adult education. Generally, radio, television, museums and press are playing and important role in education the people.

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